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Project Type: Game

Project Size: Medium

Done During: MFA Design & Technology at Parsons, NY

Tools: ProcessingPhotoshop

Collaborative Project

In Collaboration With: arShaan Sarang

ShaDa is a game that was really inspired by the journey Shaan and I went through in grad school. The premise of the game is quite simple: the player can choose either Shaan or myself to play the game as. The player then goes into top-down view with the selected player and walks through a school. There are doors open throughout the school with different class names which the player may enter. Once entered, each door contains a different mini-game which the player must pass in order to get a “Passing Grade” in the class. Once all classes are passed, the player may enter the final location which gives him/her a diploma and graduation.

The mini games all differ and depict the teacher of that specific subject (which happen to have been our teachers at school). The games include fighting and space-shooter games. The style of the game itself is very simple, in order to go along with the school theme. The entire game is drawn by hand and the background is that of a piece of lined paper.

Play Here: ShaDa (REQUIRES JAVA)