Gallery Experience

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Project Type: Game

Project Size: Medium

Done During: MFA Design & Technology at Parsons, NY

Tools: Processing

Gallery Experience is an extension to the “pointless games” series. It looks deeper into the meaning of experiences. It takes influence from the game “The Artist Is Present” by Marina Abramovic, where the player experiences a gallery visit.

In Gallery Experience, the player has a chance to visit exhibits at the National Gallery of Art. The difference between this game and others in the “pointless games” series is that Gallery Experience has an end state. However, there is no winning, but simply a “thank you for visiting.”

In order to end the game, the player must experience every exhibit fully; the player has to sit through as the image loads, a commentary on how we view artwork when visiting museums.

The styling came from the period in which I made 8-bit-like games.

Play Here: Gallery Experience (REQUIRES JAVA)