Interactive Tech-Art

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Project Type: Game

Project Size: Small

Done During: MFA Design & Technology at Parsons, NY

Tools: Processing

In conjunction with a project by: Cem Koçyıldırım

Interactive Tech-Art is a part of my “pointless games” series. In this series, I created games with no real outcome or reason. Very few of them have an end state and most of them are there for the sake of themselves.

Interactive Tech-Art coincides with a project made by Cem Koçyıldırım, where the user makes a work of art interactive by jumping in front of it.

In this iteration, Cem himself is standing in front of a work of tech-art and makes it interactive by jumping. The game measures jumps, time going up, time going down, and total game time. However, these measurements are almost unrecognizable. In parallel with the idea of a work of art, the game allows for a “Zen Mode” where all measurements disappear and the background becomes lighter. The player then focuses on the jumping as a relaxation method.

Play Here: Ineractive Tech-Art (REQUIRES JAVA)