#TamiYakir Wedding Website

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Project Type: Web

Project Size: Medium

Done During: Side Project

Tools: WebInstagram Feed

Collaborative Project

In Collaboration With: Or Leviteh

For the #TamiYakir wedding website, I worked extensively along with Or Leviteh to create a website that would, in a way, live-stream the wedding to those inside and outside the wedding. The website uses Instagram’s rss feed and asks the users to post all pictures with the hashtag #TamiYakir. Using php and javascript, the website refreshes the images every 5-10 seconds and reorganizes the images according to any new content from the rss feed. This allowed the attendees at the wedding to post images and affect the website immediately, creating a live-stream like feel to the website.

I worked mostly on the javascript of the website, making sure that it would only read and rearrange the images if new images were available. I also created the header for the page. For the feed, I made sure there were a maximum of 20 images shown at any time, accounting for the possibility of less and assuring there would be no duplicates. Since Instagram’s feed only shows the most recent images, this was a bit tricky, but worked.

I also created a gallery page that would display every image with the hashtag #TamiYakir. this used the Statigram rss feed, since it does not only show the most recent.

Finally, I worked on a few buttons and some troubleshooting to make the website work smoothly and so the design was aligned propperly.

Now, the instant feed is replaced with the 8 most recent images, since the wedding has passed.