Hidden 2.0

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Project Type: Game

Project Size: Large

Done During: Side Project

Tools: Unity3DMaya

Collaborative Project

After the end of Graduate school, I wanted to proceed with Hidden to make it what Shaan and I originally had planned for it, a Network-based multiplayer game that you can play with your friends in teams.
Now, I have decided to take on that task. Using Photon Network, I have been able to successfully change our originally-split-screen game into a network based game. Although it is still in the works, changes are being made so that the game is played on a computer (using mouse and keyboard) over a network, allowing players to play as teams around our levels.
The second change I've made to the game was change the way the camouflaging works. Originally, the players were flat colors. When a player painted a wall his/her color, the player would be camouflaged because of the unlit non-3D texture. After doing research and trials, I have been able to successfully create a camouflaging system that keeps the 3D aspect of the player while still camouflaging him/her against any wall that is painted their color. I have also added a faded overlay when the player is camouflaged, similar to that of the predator is the Predator movies.
I have also made a decision to change the main character. With less of a time constraint on the project, I have been able to spend more time on designing the character to my liking and focus on the details a little more. Stay tuned, as soon as it is done it will be out for free!