Robot Mobile Game

  • ityShot
  • robot-01

Project Type: Game

Project Size: Medium

Done During: Side Project

Tools: Unity3DIllustrator

This is my first official mobile game, created in Unity3D. It takes a rail-like system type game and combines it with Hidden, creating a new experience.
The player is a robot, who must reach his goal at the end of a long brick road. The road contains different obstacles, from water balloons to bombs, which he must surpass. The only way to surpass these obstacles is to turn the ground in which they are standing into the same color as the obstacle, hiding them from view and rendering them useless. Don't shoot the ground too much though! It will continue changing colors. The next color to be shot can be seen on the paint-pack. The longer you last, the faster the robot goes. If you can't hide the enemy in time, you can still get as far away from it as possible to receive less damage.
This is definitely a fun project for me, as I'm creating something from my own imagination that I think will be fun on a mobile phone. I am getting visual design help from Or Leviteh for the character and obstacles.